• anime, mecha 15.02.2009 1 Comment

    Chouja Raideen

    I recently finished watching Chouja Raideen (often spelled “Reideen”). This show aired on television in 1996 and ran for 38 episodes. The name translates as Raideen the Superior. We can thank Central Anime for making a subtitled version available to us.

    Although it’s night-and-day different from the original Raideen show of 1975 it was enjoyable on its own merits. This isn’t a must-see show but I’d give it a thumbs up. 5 young men in Japan discover they’ve been chosen by the God Feathers to merge with the spirits of Raideen warriors of the past. This merging allows them to summon magical flying armor with wings and potent attacks. In their battle against the extra-dimensional Super Devils they discover another group of 5 Raideens and must learn to work together. The armor suits look cool and the action scenes kept me coming back for more.

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