• I just had a blast watching the Buck Rogers serial from 1939. Divided up into twelve twenty minute segments, the serial originally played before the feature film that the audience had payed for. Full of guts, fists and action Buck Rogers didn’t disappoint. Read more…


  • The blog AltJapan has reported on a momentous find for mecha fans. Anime fan Roger Harkavy has discovered a box that belonged to Imai Company that contains artwork from Artmic Studio. The box contained black and white production drawings for Genesis Climber Mospeada and Super Dimensions Cavalry Southern Cross.  He has made the file available to mecha fans everywhere.  AltJapan has the full report. You will certainly want to download the PDF and take a look at the designs that almost made it into Mospeada. I was fascinated by the rare look into the show Southern Cross was originally meant to be.

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  • After seeing the original movie I decided to see how the classic was updated for a more recent audience.  In 2008 The Day The Earth Stood Still was remade with Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly.  Did the remake stand up to the original?  In one sense it did and in another sense it didn’t.  Let me explain. Read more…


  • For years I’ve been hearing about the 1951 movie The Day The Earth Stood Still and when I learned it was remade in 2008 I became even more curious.  I rented it this weekend and can now share my thoughts on what is one of the most influential science-fiction films for English speakers. Read more…


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    The Ikkicon IV anime convention was held in Austin, TX from January 1st – 3rd.  Although a smaller convention, it was a lot of fun to attend.  I look forward to next year.  Because of a bad cold, I was only able to make the first day but I took some photos to share.

    Ikkicon IV

    Anime fans line up to get their badges for Ikkicon IV.

    Around half of the people in attendance were cosplaying with many impressive results. It made me wish I’d set aside some time and money to join in. The dealers room was pretty well-stocked with lots of fun T-shirts and shoulder bags. Many Gundam model kits were on sale and loads of manga in English. Most of the booths were selling anime DVD’s and cosplaying supplies. Read more…