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    The Ikkicon IV anime convention was held in Austin, TX from January 1st – 3rd.  Although a smaller convention, it was a lot of fun to attend.  I look forward to next year.  Because of a bad cold, I was only able to make the first day but I took some photos to share.

    Ikkicon IV

    Anime fans line up to get their badges for Ikkicon IV.

    Around half of the people in attendance were cosplaying with many impressive results. It made me wish I’d set aside some time and money to join in. The dealers room was pretty well-stocked with lots of fun T-shirts and shoulder bags. Many Gundam model kits were on sale and loads of manga in English. Most of the booths were selling anime DVD’s and cosplaying supplies.

    The registration line gave a great preview of the costumes.

    My complaints about the con were I couldn’t find any anime art books for sale in the dealers room and Ikkicon’s practice of selling “upgrades” to their badges.  Most cons sell a badge and treat all fans equal.  In a shameful grab for cash the heads of Ikkicon devised an extra badge called an “upgrade.”  For twice the price of your ticket, you get two badges that allow you to visit the Maid Cafe, get into the dealers room an hour early each day and get into every panel before the “common rabble.”  I hope fans can talk Ikkicon out of this practice for next year.

    A peek into the dealers room the night before the con started.

    I was in tears over having to miss the What Giant Robots Can Teach Us panel on the 2nd day.  Perhaps they’ll repeat it next year.

    The dealers room on the first day. Lots of cool stuff to see.

    If you’re in Austin, TX for New Year’s next year then stop by Ikkicon and join the fun.

    When I was younger the dealers room was always my favorite part of the convention.

    Really cool T-shirts and shoulder bags are much easier to find these days at cons.

    For a small convention, there were a good number of plastic models for sale.

    This fan worked real hard on his Zeta Gundam helmet. He's from Hong Kong and watched Z Gundam on TV there when he was young. He was a cool guy to talk to.

    The maid cafe. I must admit, I wouldn't mind being served a cup of tea by one of these charming young women.

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