• After a long wait, I got my rental copy of Star Trek (2009) this weekend. The special effects in movies these days are so good that I’m willing to give any science-fiction movie a chance. Star Trek wasn’t that great a movie but it was worth watching. I probably would have given it an “ok” rating if it weren’t for the amateurish and annoying cinematography tricks. More on that below. Read more…


  • Gundam Unicorn anime

    Gundam Unicorn anime

     If you’re anything like me you’re waiting anxiously to hear about the anime for Gundam Unicorn.  It’s been too long since we’ve seen new anime in Gundam’s U.C. universe.  Even longer since we’ve seen something new that happens after the One Year War.

    MyAnimeList reports on a Japanese report from Anime!Anime! that indicates Gundam Unicorn won’t air on television.  Bandai Visual has decided to try movie theaters and the Internet to hook new viewers instead of the traditional boobtube.


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    Kawamori Shoji, creator of Macross and Optimus Prime, is interviewed in this new video.