• fandom 13.02.2010

    Many anime fans have been looking at the photos of lavishly decorated rooms that are part of the Otacool book at Danny Choo’s blog. This week I’ve finally set up my ultimate home office for Gears Online. Packed with mecha posters, computers, books and a large scanner this is definitely the right kind of room to work on Gears Online projects. Below I’ve shared some photos of my personal space. Have you had the chance to set up your ultimate room? If so, please tell us about it in the comments.

    This computer holds the digital mecha archive and a complete copy of Gears Online. I'm proud of my original advertising poster for Hades Project Zeorymer.

    My 2nd computer and desk help me work more efficiently.

    My new Epson scanner! Gears Online can't go on without a good scanner.

    A Char's Counterattack poster autographed by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

    My books. For what is a man without his books? At top left are the folders containing art books disassembled for scanning.

    My ZZ Gundam poster and music CDs

    The glass in the door helps me keep an eye on my boys. The next room over is their play room.

    Have you set up your own ultimate work space?

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