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    I watched Terminator Salvation (2009) last night after waiting for it to come out for rental.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a great movie.

    After 3 Terminator movies showing the machines going back in time to strike at  the origins of the resistance leader John Conner we finally get to see the other side of the story.  Christian Bale plays a hardened, embittered John Conner fighting desperately against Skynet and its killer machines.  Sam Worthington plays a man copied from the past and sent on an unwitting errand to bring John Conner within striking distance of Skynet’s newest terminator.

    Probably my favorite thing about the movie is they placed it at the point in time shortly before Skynet made its first use of the time travel machine to send a new-model terminator back to kill John Conner’s mother (the 1984 movie).  Great action, a long-awaited look at the early stages of the human/machine war and attention to detail made this a great movie.  Do yourself a favor and rent it soon.

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