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    I just received my copy of a new Dougram art book called Fang of the Sun Dougram the Comprehensive. In recent years publishers in Japan have been putting out large, comprehensive art books for many 80’s anime series. I’m glad Dougram finally got its turn. In the past I’ve gone looking for Dougram art books but met with little success.

    Weighing in at 240 pages (32 in color) this book gathers all art work connected with the 75 episode TV series from 1981. I can’t read the Japanese text but I can see the staff interviews, episode guide and special pieces on aspects of Dougram. The big color maps of the Dougram world are very cool. The first 7 pages are an art gallery of color illustrations but they are reproduced at a rather small size.

    If you have any interest in Dougram this would be the book to get. I’ve always wanted to see the show and was excited when I recently saw the first 25 episodes subtitled on the Torrent sites. As most mecha fans know, the first incarnation of the Battletech game in the U.S. took many of its mecha designs right from Dougram (along with the Crusher Joe movie and Macross).

    As a long-time mecha fan this book was definitely worth the price for me just to get all the Dougram mecha designs in one place. I got my copy from www.benippon.com.

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    • Any chance you will be scanning that book and making it available? I haven’t been able to find a copy of the book anywhere.

    • I have a copy of the book for scanning. I’d like to have a chance to watch the episodes subtitled before I dive into the scanning project, though.

    • =)
      Please scan them, then. –
      the series is subtitled now, in case you didn’t know, by X-Nebula. Also on asiandvdclub, you can find DVDs with the X-Nebula subs applied. the DVDs are re-encoded DVD5s, so if anyone has the Boxset with retail DVD9s, PLEASE upload the RAW DVD9s to asiandvdclub.org or some other place (or talk to me about using ftp), and I can swap the subtitles onto the untouched/uncompressed DVDs very easily

      if you need help locating something, please contact me at

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