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    After seeing Transformers 2 this week it’s clear that computer graphics special effects have come a long way. The giant robots we see battling on the big screen look very convincing. At this point only the top-flight Hollywood studios can produce effects of this caliber but I think it will only be a few years before many more studios will reach that point. The speculation regarding tomorrow’s movies runs rampant within me.

    Can you imagine a Macross or Gundam movie with effects on par with Transformers 2? When discussing live-action Gundam movies one can’t forget G-Saviour from 2000. However, the CG effects of that movie are clearly many years behind what can be done now and it didn’t have a decent budget.

    We could start seeing live-action remakes of all sorts of mecha anime titles coming out of Japan. That’s still years away but it’s hard to stem the flow of my imagination. I’d love to see a hard-hitting, modernized Getter Robo. Maybe a movie trilogy for Gundam Sentinel? What could be better? Feel free to post a comment and say which mecha anime you think would work best as a high-budget, live-action remake. Maybe remake the movie trilogy that encapsulated the Mobile Suit Gundam TV show? I’m going to sign off here and return to my imaginings.

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    • Hollywood does make beautiful graphics, but they have also lost the ablity to write good stories and interesting movies.

      Transformers was graphicly good, but empty on story. If this the future of movies…Its time go somewhere else for them. I like substance AND nice pictures look at.

    • Fang of the Sun Dougram would make for a great CGI live action series, or movie. VOTOMS too, hell pretty much any of the classic real robo series. I want to see them all with high quality as real as it can be CGI.

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