• anime, mecha 13.04.2009

    published Mar. 2009
    ISBN 978-4-05-605088

    This newer Patlabor artbook was purchased from Hobby Link Japan.  It’s a very nice book with many great color illustrations of labors from the Patlabor anime.  If you’re a Patlabor fan this book is worth the purchase.

    There are many pages of text devoted to how the labors were researched and built in the Patlabor setting.  There’s also a lot of information on the corporations behind the labors.  I really wish I could get this text translated into English for the Gears Online Web site.

    My only disappointment with this book is there is virtually no line art.  The color illustrations are pretty much all you get with this one.  If a fan is looking for comprehensive art of the mecha of Patlabor this book is not the one to recommend.

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