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    Meiji Jingu Bridge (Meiji Shrine Bridge) is a landmark in Tokyo for fandom of all stripes (here it is on the map). Free of motor traffic, it is a large foot bridge that has become a gathering place for fans of anime cosplay, heavy metal music, rock and roll and pop music, and fandom in general. Its location is the reason for its success among young people. It is located right by the entrance to Yoyogi Park (a favorite place for rock bands to hold free concerts), right by the Harajuku JR train station and a block away from Takeshita Dori (a street that serves as the preeminent shopping area for teenagers and fans of various subcultures).

    A children's group asks for donations

    The biggest crowds of fans can be found on Sundays. I was only able to visit on a weekday so not a lot of interesting people were there. Still, the death metal queens were really into their role and were smiling and posing for photographs with passers by. Plenty of girls in maid outfits were on hand. I think spring 2006 was the height of the maid fetish in Japan.

    There’s a friendly atmosphere on the bridge that’s difficult not to notice. If you’re ever in Tokyo you should try to stop by the Meiji Shrine Bridge. It’s on the way to the Meiji Shrine which is a worthwhile visit on its own.

    Two death metal queens hold court

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