• Japan 04.03.2009

    One of the fun things about visiting Japan is seeing poor English printed in large signs. There isn’t nearly as much poor English as there was during my first visit to Japan in 1991 but there’s still enough to amuse a traveller. A placard inside a car read “Be particular, whatever in your car life.” A soap dish in a Japanese home read “Adams is leading the way to a whole new world of bathroom.” In 1991 there was a car on the road called MU. Underneath, in smaller letters, read “Mysterious Utility.” In Karuizawa, a resort town, there stood a cigarette vending machine that had, in large, bold letters, “How green is my crater.” Can you think of a better way to sell cigarettes?

    Below are some photos I snapped in May 2006 with signs you aren’t likely to see in the U.S.

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