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    Welcome to GearsBlog, a new blog about mecha, anime, science-fiction and Japan. Because this blog is a part of Gears Online there will be coverage of mecha and mecha-related topics from anime, both past and present. Because mecha fans have other interests the posts here will also delve into science-fiction in general as well as the source of the mecha stories we all love: Japan. It is my hope that posts about Japanese culture and history will enhance your appreciation of the science-fiction manga and anime that come from the Land of the Rising Sun.

    At this point I am the only contributor to this blog so I’ll give a little background on myself. I live in the U.S. and have been a fan of both science-fiction and Japan as long as I can remember. My father started me out right by both watching original episodes of Battlestar Galactica with me on television and bringing Japanese business guests into our home. I became a serious anime fan around 1984 when I was in grade school and was the youngest member of an anime club that met to copy anime at a private home in Menlo Park, California. I started learning Japanese in high school. My first trip to Japan was in 1991. I’ve visited six times with one of those visits lasting for a year.


    Me in Tokyo in May 2006

    Me in Tokyo in May 2006

    I hope GearsBlog will keep you entertained and informed.  Feel free to post a comment if there’s anything you’d like to read more about in the future.

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